23 Years of Excellence

Rules & Regulations

After thorough scrutinization, the following few guidelines are liberally framed to inculcate discipline among the students. Parents /Guardians are requested to follow the same for the day-to-day smooth functioning of the school.

  1. Students must be on time to school.
  2. Students should be neatly dressed up in complete school uniform.
  3. Their hair should be combed properly, nails are neatly trimmed & shoes, well polished with brush.
  4. Tiffin, Water bottle and school dairy must be sent regularly.
  5. Communication to be made through the school diary only.
  6. No phone calls shall be entertained unless it is very urgent, make your conversation short & to the point.
  7. Class teachers will meet the parents on the days fixed(PTM).
  8. Teachers should not be disturbed when they get to join morning Assembly or during break time.
  9. Teachers to be respected and no harsh and disrespectful words to be used in the presence of the Wards/Students.
    • Teaching-learning-Class teachers / Subject teachers / Principal Head Master / Supervisor.
    • Fees & Financial areas – Accounts Person.Report to the concerned authority for any complaint(preferably in writing) as follows.
    • General information – H.M. / Supervisor / P.R.O.
    • Transport – Transport in charge.
    • Tours, Activities, Games, Sports – H.M. / Activity in charge & Class Teachers.
  10. Be in time to leave & receive your ward at the entrance gate of the school.
  11. Prepare your wards as per annual plan given in advance & do not miss participating parent-Teacher meetings.
  12. In case of any delay in reaching home or emergency, do not panic but try to keep patience.
  13. Sometimes school may have to be shut down in emergency like Bandh etc.Try to help the school by coming & picking up your ward safely.
  14. Send only authorized persons to collect your children.
  15. The authorized person / personal vehicle driver as the case may be, must know the actual name of the child with class & section so that the teachers may hand over to the right person.
  16. After writing remarks / messages for teachers / Academic Super / Head Mistress / Head Master through the school diary, ensure that your child shows the same to the correct person so as to get immediate action.
  17. Discourage your children to play on the road or go to their friend’s homes directly from school without your prior knowledge.
  18. Ask your children to take care of their books & copies and not to tear pages. See that they are well covered & labeled. Let them carry only the required things as per the time table.
  19. Check the school bag before & after school. See the school diary for information (if any).
  20. Write the full address, phone No., blood group in the school diary.
  21. Ask your children to wish their teachers wherever they see them, See that they are confident, cheerful & well mannered with good conduct.
  22. Be polite to everyone in school if you the same in return.
  23. It is compulsory for the students to bring H.B. pencils and fountain pens with them-No gel pens are allowed.
  24. Please ensure to make payments of tuition fee. Transport fee and any other fees payable to school on or before the due date.
  25. Class room teaching should be encouraged and private tuition to be discouraged.
  26. Cycles are to be kept locked. School shall not take any responsibility for any loss. students are restricted to come with 2-wheeler vehicles.
  27. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the school and any body found with the same shall be dealt seriously.
  28. Wearing costly Accessories / Jewelleries are not allowed in the school.
  29. Wearing sweater / Blazer in the winter is compulsory.
  30. School Timing (shiftwise):As prescribed by the respective schools.

N.B. The Summer and Winter timing may be changed as per the requirement & norm of State Govt. & District Administration.