23 Years of Excellence

Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

1 Area of school Campus 1 Sq.Mtrs
2 Built up area 1 Sq.Mtrs
3 Area of play ground 2 6000 Sq.Mtrs
4 Composite Science Lab 1 27 ft x 20.5 ft = 553.5 sq.ft
5 Mathematics Lab 1 25 ft x 20 ft = 500 sq.ft
6 Computer Lab 1 16.5 ft x 26.7=440.55 sq.ft
7 Biology Lab 1 25 ft x 22 ft= 550 sq.ft
8 Chemistry Lab 1 23ft x 27ft= 621 sq.ft
9 Physics Lab 1 23ft x 27ft= 621 sq.ft
10 Library 1 35.5 ft x 25 ft= 887.5 sq.ft
11 Occupied Class Rooms 17 8884.26 sq.ft
12 Vacant Class Rooms 4 2480sq.ft
13 Name of Society Running the school 1 Managing Committee of St.Xavier’s High School

School Building

The infrastructure on around Ac 2.07dec. supports for classrooms, and ample space for music and dance, art and craft, science and computer lab, activity, library, playground and a garden. SXHS, classrooms are scientifically designed to audio visual classrooms, well furnished and provided with green boards and LCD projectors.


Since library is an integral part of a school for learning, the library at c offers a child-friendly reading environment. It has a wide range of text books, reference books, journals, magazines, periodicals and news papers to fulfill the need of students. It also has an exciting collection of colorful picture-story books, coloring books, activity books, fiction and non-fiction books.

Science lab

The process of science is a way of building knowledge about the universe. Scientific knowledge solves practical problems and makes informed decisions both individually and collectively. Science lab is the scientific source for laboratory equipment to explore physical, chemical and biological facts and information. We have mathematical and scientific materials and resources available in our lab for students and teachers as well to empower their learning methods.

Computer Lab

SXHS has a state of the art computer lab. It is equipped with 4G computers loaded with relevant software, broadband internet facility. Students to computer ratio are 2:1. There is an audio visual room computerized with an LCD projector and home theater system covering subjects of academic and entertainment value.

Math Lab

SXHS has a Mathematics laboratory to make teaching and learning of mathematics at school stage activity based and experimentation oriented. Students can learn and explore mathematical concepts, verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics.